Low Volume Production


Specializing in 1-50pc and low volume production. We have the capability to make engineering production sets.

Low Volume Production 
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Complete Machines

Low volume production of prototype / engineering parts

O.E.M. Replacement Parts

imageDrabik specializes in the manufacturing of O.E.M. replacement parts. This includes 1-50 PCS and low volume production runs. In addition, we have the capability to reverse engineer parts that are obsolete, have long lead times, high cost, or the O.E.M. is no longer in business.


imageWith many years experience in assembly, Drabik has the skills and equipment to handle projects of any size. Below is a short list of the types of assemblies Drabik specializes in.

Sub assemblies
Complete Machines
Gear Boxes
Hydraulic Cylinders
Component Part Assemblies
Spot Welded Assemblies



Drabik has the ability to design and build complete turn key machines, fixtures and jigs. We work with your Engineering, R & D, Maintance or Quality Control Departments.

Machines that we have designed and built include:

Wire Brush Machines for the Commutator Industry
Rivet Installers for the Automotive Industry
Inspection Equipment for Quality Control
Prototype Printing Press
Weld guns for the Automotive Industry
High Speed press for Carbide Dies with High Speed Feeder
Holding Fixture for various applications
Product Testing Fixtures
Quality Control Fixtures
Assembly Fixtures
Multi Piece Holding Fixtures



Full time quality control.  All of your parts are fully inspected prior to leaving our facility. We pass annual quality audits that are performed by our Q.S. Certified customers.  We have the ability to provide quality control documents with your finished parts .We maintain a clean working environment .We encourage our customers to take advantage of our open door policy. Our equipment is certified regularly.

imageDrabik works closely with your Engineering, R & D and Maintenance Departments when prototype parts and machines are designed and built.